Friendship Test Questions:

These are some questions to ask your friends and test them that how well do they know you. You can add in your options, one of them being correct or just shoot them straight away!

• How many schools have I been to in total?
• What's my favorite sport?
• How many siblings do I have?
• What's the one city/country I really wanna visit?
• What's my favorite ice cream flavor?
• Who's my favorite actor/actress?
• Who's my favorite Youtuber?
• Am I an introvert or an extrovert?
• What's my favorite T.V. series?
• A T.V. series I binge-watch all the time?
• What's my relationship status right now?
• Who do I love the most in my family?
• What brand of clothes do I prefer wearing the most?
• What is my phone model?
• Name my favorite singer.
• What's the most important thing I have in my life?
• What's my topmost priority?

Dare Quiz For Friends:

Ask your friends to answer and tick the right option. Have a dare prepared for every question wrongly answered:

• Am I a morning person or a night person? 
• What's my favorite drink? (Coffee, Tea, Juice or None of them)
• What's my nickname? 
• Do I have a pet, if yes, what's its name?
• What's my favorite weather? (Rainy, Sunny, Windy or Cool)
• My dream destination...? (Dubai, Paris, Los Angeles or New York)
• What's my biggest fear? (Losing someone, Feeling lost, Getting into depression or (add yours))
• What's the most common emotion I feel and portray? (Anger, Emotional, Jealousy or Sadness)
• What are my favorite flowers? (Roses, Lillies, Sunflowers or Peony)
• What's my favorite dessert? (Mousse, Cheesecake, Pancakes or Muffins)
• What's my favorite type of chocolate? (Dark, White, Rum or Milk)
• What's my favorite color? (Red, Yellow, Black or (add yours))
• If I had children, I'll prefer how many of them? (1, 2, 3, or 5)
• What's my favorite indoor game? (Monopoly, Jenga, Life or (add yours))
• Am I addicted to something? (Yes or No)
• What's my favorite occasion or celebration? (Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Easter)

The dares you can assign can be like these:

• Give me an ice cream treat the next time we meet.
• Put up a status with "I am in a relationship" written on it.
• Put up my photo as your display picture for a day.
• Send me an embarrassing video of yours.
• Dance on a video call for me.
• Make a video of you sending flying kisses to me
• Go to your mother and tell her that you had sex today. 

                                      You can go with a lot more dares than you can think of! Have fun, test your friends and even punish them if they are wrong with their answers.