Do you want to play fun games with your partner then you are in the correct place? Here are some unique and interesting fun questions for your partner, fun questions for married couples and fun couples quiz questions. So let the fun begin.  

30 Fun questions for your partner 

1. Have you ever kissed someone accidentally?

2. What is one thing you like doing but is useless?

3. Which daily personal activity do you dislike doing?

4. Do you like waking up early?

5. Do you like watching movies in the theatre or at home?

6. Which is the most embarrassing moment you have witnessed of someone else?

7. Have you ever laughed at a serious situation?

9. Have you ever fainted in school?

10. Have you ever had a crush on any teacher in school or college?

11. If you could erase a movie from your memory which one would it be?

12. What is your happy place?

13. Do you have a deep dark secret?

14. What is your worst nightmare?

15. Have you ever wished you were born on any other planet in another galaxy?

16. What  nasty behaviour do you do when you are alone?

17. Is there any myth you listened to growing up but found out it is ill logical?

18. Have you ever faked to like a friend?

19. Which unique characteristic did you take from your parents?

20. What is the one thing you are not afraid of but many people are?

21. Do you believe in the 'friends are everything' phrase? 

22. What will you choose between family and money?

23. What is the worst prank anyone did on you?

24. What did you learn from your parents as a couple?

25. What are the top 3 best moments of your life?

26. What is the most useless talent you have?

27. What is your spirit animal?

28. What is your favourite cartoon?

29. If your life had a theme song what would it be?

30. What is your favourite holiday or festival?

30 Fun questions to ask married couples 

1. What did our first kiss make you think?

2. Do you like cuddling or kissing?

3. What would you do if you won the  lottery right now?

4. Will you kick out your partner for 7 nights for half a million dollars?

5. Who is better to cook?

6. Who is more organised?

7. Who gets annoyed easily?

8. Who is more protective?

9. Who is more emotional?

10. Who is the better kisser?

11. Who listens peacefully without questioning back?

12. Who creates fuss about small things?

13. Imitate how your partner behaves when they are angry?

14. Who was more tired at the wedding?

15. Who cried more at the wedding?

16. Who cursed at the wedding?

17. When did you both go last on a date before marriage?

18. Who whines in the morning more?

19. Who sleeps late?

20. Who gets romantic any chance they get?

21. What are your best gifts to each other?

22. Who had bad grades in school?

23. Who fought more in school?

24. Who is more adventurous?

25. Who has small feet and hands?

26. Who is more careless?

27. Who is more fit?

29. Who is sexier?

30. Who likes partying more?

30 Questions for Couple's funny quiz 

1. Who is always late?

2. Who made the first move?

3. Who eats more?

4. Who gets angry easily?

5. Who buys better gifts?

6. Who dances better?

7. Who smells good all the time?

8. Who apologizes first?

9. Who shops more?

10. Who saves more?

11. Who orders food more?

13. Who has more clothes?

14. Who is more social?

15. Who is more mature?

16. Who is funnier?

17. Who is more talkative?

18. Who is more romantic?

19. Who is a movie freak? 

20. Who clicks better pictures?

21.who is goofier?

22. Who is always in a romantic mood?

23. Who runs the errands?

24. Who is lazy?

25. Who does the chores late?

26. Who adjusts more?

27. Who is best at keeping secrets?

28. Who sings badly?

29. Who is more creative?

30. Who is more good looking?