Super Dare of 2021 Quiz Questions:

keep a score and send this to all your friends to compare who knows you better! 

• What will you prefer? (Moon or Sun)
• What's your favorite pastime? (Sleeping, Watching Movies, Shopping or Gardening)
• What's your subject of interest? (History, Literature, Mathematics or Science)
• Do you like painting? (Yes or No)
• Your favorite waffle topping...? (Blueberry, Nutella, With Ice Cream or Fruit)
• What alcoholic beverage would you prefer? (Beer, Rum, Long Island or Vodka)
• What would I prefer doing with my partner when we are alone? (Cuddle, Sex, Makeout or Sit and talk)
• My favorite genre of movies...? (Horror, Sci-fi, Rom-Com or Mystery)
• Kind of music I Like...? (Pop, Slow and Sufi, Romantic or Rap)
• I would prefer...? (Dancing or Singing)
• I am a...? (Dog person, Cat person or Both)
• What phone do I use? (I phone or Android phone)
• Where would I go on a vacation? (Mountains, Beach, A big and romantic city or Island)
• I love _____ more. (Mom or Dad)
• What's my favorite cuisine? (Vegetarian, Fusion, Haute, or Vegan)

Super Dare Of 2021 Quiz Questions For Love:

• What's my favorite kind of date? (A movie date, Candle-lit Dinner, Bon-fire and Barbeque Date or Staying home watching Netflix and Cuddling)
• What's the one thing I do not like about my partner? (Possessiveness, Snoring, Kicking or Dominance) 
• What's my favorite position? (Missionary, Doggy-style, 69 or All Of Them)
• What do I notice in a guy/girl first? (Eyes, Height, Ass or Hair)
• Do I like cooking? (Yes or No)
• If I had to dedicate you a song, which one would it be? (Love me like you do, Love me at my worst, Perfect or Make you mine)
• What's the one thing I like about you the most? (Caring, Honesty, Loyalty or Humour)

It's time for some "Super Fun"!