Truths to Ask Someone:

• What's the biggest lie you have ever told someone?
• Tell me a situation when you were most scared but happy at the same moment.
• What is your deepest darkest secret?
• When was the last time you cried and why?
• Do you miss someone?
• Did you ever crap your pants?
• Name a weird thing you do. 
• What's your favorite sport? Indoor as well as outdoor.
• What's your favorite pastime?
• Have you ever done something strange and embarrassing in public?
• What's your deepest darkest fantasy?
• Have you ever been caught with your partner by your parents?
• Have you ever witnessed a couple getting intimate?
• When did you lose your virginity?
• Have you ever cheated on someone in any way?
• Have you ever dated more than one person at a time?
• Tell me your worst dream.
• Have you ever kissed a stranger?

Questions like these and more would really help you to have an interactive session with the other person. Have Fun!